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let's take this from someone who's lived in new england all her life.

a prep is usually a well-bred person who goes to prep school, boarding school, or private school, but not always. he/she can go to public school, too. they are pretty well-mannered and care alot about their academics. at least most of us do. some of us do come from a wealthy family. we're all usually involved in some sort of hobby such as field hockey, lacrosse, tennis, or my personal favorite, swimming, to be concerned about labeling anyone else. fashion is really important to us, or at least to me. we like looking nice, but we have no intention of flaunting or shoving price tags under everyone else's noses. my personal favorite places to shop are ralph lauren, lacoste, j.crew, sometimes lilly pulitzer and juicy couture. we like to wear juicy but we don't overdo it, vera bradleys are nice, and we love wearing our north face jackets in the winter, and occasionally we'll wear some burberry. but not all preps dress that way. some preps can dress in abercrombie & fitch, american eagle, and hollister co. and that doesn't make them any less than equal to those who do splurge a little. on vacations, new england "preps" do tend to spend weekends at the hamptons, in cape cod, or in martha's vineyard, but over here, that's just pure culture.

but you can ignore all that if oyu want because being a prep isn't about the school you go to, where you went this summer, or what you wear. it's all about the way you act and the definition of being well-mannered.
example of a prep: every prep is pretty much different. they don't all have the same personality, so therefore i pretty much say "screw the example" =]
by new england girl July 23, 2006

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