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An amazingly talented 17 year old guy who has had so much success in his career with music from a small town in canada, he got discovered on youtube by Scooter Braun who intriduced him to usher who signed justin and became his mentor. Justin is an amazing person who loves his family and his reliable fans He is very humble, he is confident with what he does but he has not transformed into a diva after fame. His story which is told in never say never has inspired many people not just tweens and teens but others who want to succeed and know that they should never give up on their dreams his music has a huge influence on people and not all of his songs are about love some songs are truly inspirational and remind us he is just a normal guy he is constantly hated on because of his success and popularity with girls mostly jealous guys who wish they were him and take the time to pick him apart however they can like youtube and facebook and however else possible to try to bring him down by trying to find flaws, which everyone has not just him although his are mostly made up. Justin bieber has talent and he will go far no matter how much some would like his fame to stop.
Stupid Guy: Jeez all this fag Justin Biebers songs are about love how original
Girl: first off Justin Bieber not gay second of all how would u even know they are all about love did u listen to all his songs or something? He has personal songs like down to earth about his parents divorce. Pray is a song about praying for peace in this world. and wont stop with sean kingston about never giving up. and theres more just next ime before you say something like that you know it for a fact.

Stupid Guy: Hes gay obviously
Girl: Obviously thats something someone jealous would say and you cant just assume he is, he has had multiple girlfriends before fame, a huge crush on Beyonce and is now dating teen singer /actressselena Gomez
by neversayneverjb April 27, 2011

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