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A director who happens to be hated by man douchebags out there.

All of you who hate him can go back to eating chips off of your chest and jacking off. He doesn't give two fucks about what you dip shits say. Sorry, but George Bush is a fag who couldn't lead his way out of a fucking paper bag.

kid #1: Jeez man, Michael Moore is such a fat ass!

kid #2: Uh, so?

kid #1: Well, I don't agree with his opinions so I'm gonna call him fat and gay because I'm cool and talk really tough on the keyboard. But, I can't fight for shit in real life and have no balls whatsoever. FUCK THE HATERS MAN!

kid #2: But, you're fat.

kid #1: Huh?
by nevermindthatnoiseyouheard March 27, 2007
Shitty music. The lowest kind of music there is.
That's right I said it..death metal is shit, faggots.
by nevermindthatnoiseyouheard March 27, 2007

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