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1. someone who will think of a project, then take two years to plan it and a month to do the first step

2. someone who's vocabulary consists mostly of stutters.

3. a person who feels an obsessive compulsion to research every nook and cranny of one subject, rinse and repeat when mastered.

4. someone who is finicky about others touching his hair/head.

5. a slight spazz
1. Kurtis Miller: Man, I want to start a comic. Too bad I can't finish the first page within a month... oh well, time to plan!

2. -insert normal yes/no question here-
Kurtis Miller: Uh, well, you see, erm ummm... you know... no, uh....

3. Friend: So, what do you know about the Nazi invasion?
Kurtis Miller: Oh, don't even get me started! The exact measurements of the gas tanks they used were 20x40 and contained 20000 ml each. :)

4. Friend: Hey, you're hair's all weird. Lemme fix it.
Kurtis: *squeals like a little girl*

5. Kurtis Miller: ... and the Nazi camps cooked stale sawdust bread every single... A-are you even listening to me!?
Friend: Yes Kurtis, I'm listening.
Kurtis:I'm sorry I'm being annoying aren't I, I guess it's because I'm an Aries and never get my way.
by nevergetyourway November 13, 2011
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