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means sexaul intercourse
did you give her the one eyed smile last night?
t - thats
a - an
v - valuble
p - point

used as a replacement for 'lol' in instant messaging
person one- mmm tasty ham salad
person two- tavp

person one- you are a sket
person two- tavp
1) when you have a dirty face

2) when someone has ejaculated on your face
thats some serious smeggage you've got going on
this is used when, in an area their are restricted seats. if someone was to stand up you are to count to 5 before you may use their seat
tom- oh man there is no were to sit!
dick- im going to make some tea
tom- 1 2 3 4 5 my seat!
harry- ha ha now dick has no were to sit,
i love the 5 second seat rule!

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