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An unannounced but deliberate strategy in a presidential campaign, notably that of Republican candidate Mitt Romney, to stay in the background raising money and seeking endorsements, while avoiding engagement with the voters.
Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney is, currently, pursuing a Mitness Protection Program.
by neurophius August 03, 2011
A term in presidential politics to signify the actual or perceived favorable prospects of Sen. Barack Obama to secure the Democratic Party nomination for president in 2008. Draws upon the use of the term "Joememtum" by Sen. Joseph Lieberman in his failed presidential campaign in 2004, and the fact that Obama endorsed Lieberman in his 2006 Connecticut U.S. Senate reelection campaign against the Democratic Party nominee, Ned Lamont. Rendered ironic by the fact that Lamont endorsed the Lieberman-supporting candidate Obama, rather than the Lamont-supporting candidate John Edwards, in the Democratic presidential contest. A further irony lies in the fact that Joseph "Joementum" Lieberman's 2004 presidential candidacy failed miserably, so "Obamomentum" could be taken to predict a similar result.
"Obama may have won the New Hampshire primary, but will Obamomentum carry him through Super-Duper Tuesday on Feb. 5?"
by neurophius January 10, 2008

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