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Okay, wow. I'm really sick of all the people who are saying people that are sXe are pussies. Okay, no.

Being sXe means following the three X's: no drugs (X), no drinking (X), and no casual sex (X). Basically, being healthy. It's about respecting yourself and being strong enough not to need drugs and alcohol to make life fun. Some sXe people choose to be vegetarian, vegan, etc. but it's not necessary by any means. Others also choose to avoid drugs (medicines), although that kind of negates the whole "being healthy" thing.

Real sXe people will not condemn others for not being sXe. They also won't announce to everyone in the fucking world that they're sXe - it's a personal choice and it should remain private. Some people choose to show that they're sXe by having X's on their hands, and that's fine too. Just another personal choice.

Contrary to popular belief, it has nothing to do with religion, cursing or the scene. It may have originated in the punk scene, but it has spread out and away from it - not every sXe person is punk, emo, etc.

Please refrain from being ignorant and keep an open mind.
I'm sXe (straight edge) but I'm an Atheist, I swear and I'm not a fucking punk. What do you think about THAT?
by neurapraxia July 10, 2008

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