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Sticking one's dick deep down a girls throat -and- putting one's testicles in there as well. A combination of 'deep troat' and 'teabagging'.
My girlfriend totally belgian pelicaned me last night!
That's sick man! How did it feel?

I so hope my girlfriend gives me a belgian pelican. It's the best oral experience I ever had!
by net0n February 05, 2011
to 'nap' / to hold someone's facebookprofile; either by hacking it or simply when you want to check your account and your predecessor forgot to log out.

a 'facebooknap' results in two ways:
1) you're profile is now home of some random spam agency
2) you're profile is filled with random/hilarious status updates, pictures, ...
Situation A

person 1: OMG, Why is there 'I <3 cum on my face' on my facebook status?

person 2: Did you log out when we were at the libary?

person 1: Oh no I forgot

person 2: classic case of facebooknapping!

Situation B

person 1: oh look, someone forgot to log out on facebook.

person 2: let's mess with his account

person 1: time for a facebooknapping!

person 2: lets put 'I <3 cum on my face' in his status, it will be hilarious
by net0n March 14, 2011
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