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a fun childhood game involving the act of throwing a penny or other small coin onto the floor, followed by screaming the obligatory 'Jew Bundle!' Everyone then piles on top of each other kicking and screaming to try and be the one to gain the fabled penny at the bottom of the human pile-on.

as practiced in playgrounds at schools up and down the land. much more fun than football or British Bulldog
*throwing a penny into the middle of a shopping mall on a saturday afternoon*


mayhem and carnage ensues...
by neroismyhero October 30, 2009
Refers to the fact that the teachings of Jesus are just rehashed Greek philosophy. Hence the god of the New Testament is somewhat more tolerant than the belligerent god of the Old Testament.
Listen here MC Hammer, don't you lecture me with your crazy religious beliefs, your Jesus was nothing but a poor man's Plato!
by neroismyhero October 30, 2009

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