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Most likely the next best game of 2006. Came out right after Call Of Duty 2 in the same year. More realistic more action.
Platforms- XBox 360
Playstation 3
Its a whole new generation of games. Call Of Duty 3 continues the fast paced action world war 2 series.
#fast #paced #action #games #continues
by nero.rome June 21, 2006
Call Of Duty 2 is about soldiers who fight the battle fields in Europe. They all have one goal in common. Berlin. From russian to the dirty americans, you can have all the war and shooting and bullet dodgeging you want.
Call Of Duty 2 also has another different version. Big Red One. which is for XBox 360. it is also the #1 title on it.
#call #of #duty #another #different
by nero.rome June 21, 2006
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