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The origins of the roast chicken are mysterious and unknown. Little of what is known, however, is drawn from Kamal's lower abdominal region. As one ingests vast quantities of food, the "roast chicken" may begin to appear more portly. If the roast chicken becomes too large it may become unstable, and cause the host to implode.

For the term of its life, however, the Roast Chicken remains a constant source of hilarity, wherever it goes. Do not be fooled by imposters of this phenomenon. There have been recent citings, but few have actually seen the REAL roast chicken. Examples of these imposters are, fat people, fast food employees, REAL roasted chickens, preggers and Dave.
"Kamal, can i rub up against your roast chicken?" or "Kamal's bustin quite the roast chicken!"
by nerdia January 01, 2008

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