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Nerds are bunch of fat ugly retarded computer freaks wearing shitty clothes. People mistake the nerds for taking joy from the classes, but they don't because they never know how to be friends or even talk right to the people. Therefore the nerds only enjoys the testing date when no one has to talk to anyone. Also, the nerds believe their "intellectual level" is "superior" than most other people and dwell in the fantasy that they will at least become a boss of a company if not the second Bill Gates. They never had, have, or will have any lover so they jack off imagining their future boss self ordering that jerk who just beat the living hell outa me today. They also like to think that people actually care about them and that they are jealous and afraid of them for their intelligence, but that is one fucked up bullshit. Like anyone give a shit about their presence. So stop the online shit and face the reality. Which is that nerds are shitholes who are born to get beat up.
Nerd 1- Those guys are keep looking down at me because they are afraid of my intellectual strength. When I get home I will imagine myself ordering them around when I become the boss of them and jack off.
by nerdfuckingshit August 24, 2006

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