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A company that has been manufacturing oil for years, but more recently have been opening up instant oil change stores. Don't ever work for Valvoline instant oil change! they treat their employees like shit, make u work 11 hour days with no lunch break, and hate customers in general. in short, there are so many better places to work. I got out at a good time!
a customer pulled up to Valvoline, time to change the douchebags oil
by nerd murray February 16, 2009
A "Bar" in Hughesville, Md where rednecks gather to drink, hold up traffic and sleep with their cousins or sisters. The Hotel Charles is a crappy rundown bar.
Hey let's go to the Hotel Charles and knock up our cousins!
by Nerd Murray March 23, 2008
A power plant run by rednecks. Smeco is by far the worst power plant to ever power southern Maryland and Virginia. Smeco further stereotypes southern Maryland as being a redneck region.
Yee Haw! Let's roast a pig on the towers of the smeco plant. it'll be a hoot and a holler!
by Nerd Murray March 18, 2008
Democratic presidential hopeful. He's not quite black, not quite white but a mix of both. In other words, Barak Obama is the antichrist. Is also used in a sexual reference for someone who cheats on his wife.
My neighbor pulled a Barak Obama on his wife and now she has half of what he owns. What a dumbass.
by Nerd Murray March 26, 2008
Common name for Mustangs made between 94 and 04. Sn95's are the ugliest and gayest mustangs to date. The mustangs made between 94 and 98 look Japanese, even though Ford claimed they avoided it at all costs. The "new edge" mustangs 99-04 were just as ugly, especially the '00 cobra r with the nissan skyline spolier on the back. Sn95s are easily smoked!
Here comes an sn95! Let's all point and laugh at its gayness!
by Nerd Murray May 06, 2008
Republican vp hopeful, perhaps the hottest woman in years to enter politics. If John McCain croaks, she is gonna be our prez! Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. She could very well be the biggest fear to terrorists everywhere.
Sarah Palin is very hot, I would do her in the back seat of my Camaro!
by Nerd Murray September 07, 2008

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