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A typical small town in north central Pennsylvania. It has a grocery store, several cafes and restaurants, a highschool, and an elementary school.
The Hughesville High School Spartans rival with the nearby Muncy Indians, which often leads to pointless arguments and fights over which town is better. Both are relatively normal, nice places. Hughesville just has more students, a better football team, and is just better all-around.
Are you going to the Hughesville vs. Muncy game?

Of course! It's the must see game of the season!
by EmJay94 March 15, 2011
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A small, dirty, 99.9% white town in northcentral pennsylvania where everyone knows everyone else, girls are pregnant by the age of 13, and where the stupid people stay to exponentially increase the amount of ignorance over time whereas all of people who are not parasites of society leave.
"where did you go to high school?"

smattering of footsteps on the pavement running away from the hughesvillian.
by c murphy June 05, 2005
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