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An acronym used to shorten the common phrase online: Pics or it didn't fucking happen. While the origins of the phrase itself are believed to be derived from the group anonymous, the acronym was coined by a slightly unknown internet user known as neodudecurt. It didn't become a part of anything near common usage until July of 2009.

Actual letters used are capitalized:

Pics or It Didn't Fucking HAPpen
Boy #1: I had sex with the hottest girl last night
Boy #2: PIDFHAP!!!!!
by neodudecurt June 09, 2009
When, whereupon taking a hit too heady for you to have properly prepared for, one breathes out the smoke in there lungs while also making a cough-preempting series of owl hoots.
Nice Owl Hit, dude!
by neodudecurt November 10, 2010

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