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Something That's so raw, and unbelievably awesome, that you just have to add both words together.

Raw + Awesome = rawsome
Dude, see that car, thats just flat out awesome! and its raw! its just frickin RAWSOME!!!
by Nefty June 10, 2006
It is a combination of a GOTH and an EMO

Goth= Always wears black, loser, eye shadow, pale looking

Emo= Emotional, wears black, cuts wrist, always sad

Gemo= both
Look at that fricken cutter...no way dude, thats a gemo
by Nefty May 31, 2006
a Bro.

likes boxing and cars
tyler lynch likes to bro it up playing gamecube w/ his pants off
by nefty November 24, 2007
it's a shorter way of calling someone a shitty bastard.

shitty + bastard = shastard

pronounced (shass-turd)
stop annoying me u SHASTARD!!!!
by Nefty June 26, 2006

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