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a white girl with a nice booty
Look at that wootie right there..where she at? oh, there she go...that white girl sure has a nice booty.
#fatty girl #whootie #flat ass #junk #humps
by neens May 04, 2006
proper noun, 1. a place free of rent where you can plug your flat screen up in your bedroom and see it in your kitchen.
2. an invitiation to somewhere to have some of the rauchies sex of your life
3. the truth that all people in Mississippi due now, in fact, live in trailers and run around barefoot
4. the best new work in a pick up phrase in mississippi, louisiana, and alabama
1. Dude, you livin' hoodrich in the FEMA trailer; can I play you XBox 360 on you flat screen while you pour me a glass of Cristal?
2. Your FEMA trailer or mine? Nuff said.
3. Where you live at now? In the FEMA trailer park where Red Lobster, Holiday Inn, and Olive Garden used to be.
#mansion #home #dwellings #mississippi mansion #the best little whore house in the south
by neens May 04, 2006
What some women in the south drank after Hurricane Katrina that lead them to have great bodies, i.e nice booty, pert breasts, the whole nine
It looks like you been drinking that Katrina water lately, and just like milk, it does a body good.
#sewage #katrina koolaid #sea water #gulf coast freshest #chocolate city coke
by neens May 04, 2006
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