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Used when describing close acquaintances whose banter or chat can only be described as smelly or stinky. Usually talking crap to gain cred or being perceived as cool, their chat typically achieves the opposite.
Usage: Steph Byrd has such neece mates, they've got such stinky chat.

Further Examples of neece mates:

Neece Mate 1 - Hello mate, I’ve just sunk 8 snakey bakeys in a row. I’m cruising on the A banter to Lashville.

Neece Mate 2 - Do my guns look big in this?

Neece Mate 3 - I have a mate of a mate of a mate who can sink 12 snakey bakeys in 5 seconds and then he eats the glass because he is such a ‘LAD’
by neecebants August 18, 2009

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