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Slang for any type of bong with a very large capacity for smoke.
Captain: load the plutonium blast rifle!
Ensign: AYE SIR!
Captain: Ignite Plutonium blast rifle!
Captain: :::::BUBBLING:::::
Captain: :::::violent Coughing:::::
seconds later.....
Ensign: sir do you need to report to sick bay?
Captain: shutup chris!
by Neb sicnarf January 13, 2008
a person of dutch descent.
man that dude is so corny, he's gotta be a yonky.
by neb sicnarf January 21, 2008
derogatory term for anglosaxon people often characterized by a heavy build and long brown wavy hair.
these dudes! they just showed up and burnt everything to hell and took all the women except helga and big betsy. these dudes were some saxon dogs!
by neb sicnarf January 21, 2008
A terrible smelling vagina. the word itself is an amalgamation of the words vegetable & omelete.

pronounced (vuh-jom-lit).
dude i wouldn't touch that vegomelete with a 10 foot pole
by neb sicnarf August 04, 2008
The state of mind and subsequent lifestyle changes caused by repeated exposure to the town of hamilton virginia. with symptoms including excessive chilling, smoking, scheming, occasional boredom, and a general sense of detachment from mainstream society at large.
man carl was crazy and stressed out but then he started hanging out in hamilton and now he laughs and chills out more. he's been converted to hamiltonianism.
by neb sicnarf August 04, 2008
Slang for mid to high grade cannabis flowers intended for smoking. Quarantine never refers to kif, hash, vegetable cannabis matter (I.E. leaves, stems, seeds,), or any form of cannabis intended to be ingested such as but not limited to hash brownies or cannabutter.
Hey man lets go smoke some of that quarantine.
by Neb sicnarf January 13, 2008
(pronounced D+ass)
Acronym for Dank-Ass-Shit. Refers to any substance that has notable potency such as high grade marijuana or a very spicy pepper.
Stoner: Hey you wanna smoke some DAS?
Co-stoner: Sounds like a plan!

Cook: here is my secret chile' recipe, be careful though, this shit is some DAS!
by neb sicnarf January 15, 2008

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