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A gin blossom is slang for the capillaries in your nose and face that burst because of excessive drinking.
Grandpa has purple gin blossoms on his nose, lol.
by neak January 19, 2005
In North-western Ontario Canada it is a fund raising party thrown for a couple about to be married.
Hey Bubbles, did you pick up those tickets to Dave and Lynns shag?
by neak August 25, 2004
An insult aimed at domestic RWD cars, usually Camaros or Mustangs.
Here comes Tony in his mullet-wagon.
by neak January 19, 2005
Refers to a vehicle (usually trucks) where the body has been channeled to sit lower on the frame allowing the vehicle to be lowered beyong the limitations of the suspension.
My C/K is bodydropped 3½" so I can lay body.
by neak January 19, 2005
A large bore, straight through muffler generally found on four cylinder cars. Usually meant as an insult towards modified import cars, usually said by mullet-wagon (Mustang, Camaro, etc.) owners.
A fartcan sounds horrible on a domestic car. :)
by neak January 19, 2005
Those single square, one ply pieces of toilet paper used in public washrooms.
"I hate poo tickets."
by neak August 31, 2008
A vagina that looks well used, with labia and bits hanging out.
"some guys like a real meat sandwich pussy but not me, I'm more of an envelope sorta guy"
by neak August 31, 2008

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