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A shitty school for people that can't go to a real school like Notre Dame
CAL student: Sweet, I'm in Berkeley with a bunch of liberals!

smart person: Dude liberals are faggots.

CAl student: Yah? well... well... Whatever!
by ndfan November 26, 2007
The best school in the nation when it comes to academics, athletics,food, and faculty. More Heismen Trophy's and National Championships in football that anyone else. Best Graduation rate in country. Highest Fresh-Soph retention rate in Country.
ND student: Sweet, our football team is going to another BCS bowl game.

CAL student: While, at least our school is incredibly biased and admits too many Asians.

ND student: No its all good. Notre Dame has a support club in Iraq, and in over 150 more countries.

CAL student: Well we have one in China!

ND student: Oh, look at the paper. Our women's soccer and men's hockey teams are now ranked number one in the country!

CAL student: While are ping-pong team is ok. I guess.
by ndfan November 26, 2007

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