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A code sometimes written on a job application or resume by the person who takes it in. Means "NO" (just draw a diagonal line between the two 1's).
That resume is a code 110.
by nationalfilmbored January 10, 2006
Kitchen slang. The abortion stick is the unbent coat hanger, kept in virtually every commercial kitchen in North America, for unclogging the spout at the bottom of the deep fryer and various other odd jobs. It is an important tool, despite being a piece of junk, and it's very annoying when the abortion stick goes missing.

John (peering into the filthy space under the fryer): Where the fuck is the abortion stick?
Jim: Your mom borrowed it.
by nationalfilmbored March 31, 2009
A condition commonly seen in fridges of single people, and people living as roommates, in which the fridge contains 237 half-empty condiment jars, leftover pizza and takeout, and not much else.

In severe cases, there may also be tupperware containers that everyone is scared to open, full of unidentified stuff that may once have been food, or dairy products that have passed their expiry dates multiple times. In these cases, it is not recommended to attempt to clean the fridge without proper biohazard gear.

Bachelor fridge is usually more of a cyclical phenomenon than a permanent state. People who suffer from bachelor fridge often go through phases where they buy real groceries and cook meals, alternating with periods of bachelor fridge.
Roommate 1: We have a bad case of bachelor fridge.

Roommate 2: I was thinking we should clean the fridge, throw out all the rotten stuff, and then go buy groceries and cook ourselves a nice dinner.

Roommate 1: Nah, I'm too tired. Let's just order pizza.
by nationalfilmbored February 07, 2011
A drink consisting of a shot of vodka in a cup of Neo Citran. Doesn't make your cold go away any faster, but makes waiting it out a lot more pleasant.
I feel like total shit. I just want to curl up in front of the TV with a hot snotty.
by Nationalfilmbored March 26, 2010
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