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A medication used to treat seizures and bipolar disorders. In my opinion, the stuff of miracles.
"They doubled my Lamictal the other day."
"Man, that sucks. Why?"
"Ha. Remember how messed up I was yesterday? SO a high."
"Ohhh yeeaaaahhh..."
by nathalsa December 18, 2004
An absolutely amazing site, which can be accessed at www.yourscream.com or www.yourscream.co.uk . There are boards there with non power-hungry moderators, an awesome, politically involved administrator, a web directory, ScreamPages, and much more. A site definitely worth joining!
nathalsa: Hey, I went on YourScream yesterday-- it's been ages since I've had such an awesome chat with Danny!
Nicoola: Yeah, Danny's great, ain't he?
by nathalsa December 18, 2004
A kickass straight-edge band in Northern New York with a talented lead singer (who has AWESOME hair that I am totally in awe of).
Person 1: Hey, did you go to Give Up Give In's show last night in Albany?
Person 2: Yeah. Shame he has a girlfriend, isn't it?
by nathalsa April 12, 2005
A stereotypical subculture resulting in the listening to heavy metal, wearing of dark clothes and pentagrams, and much imitation by posers.
Oh, wow, look at how dark her clothing is, she must be gothic. I wonder if that means, she's, like, a Satanist or something? See? She's wearing a pentagram!
by nathalsa October 29, 2004
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