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A baked snack popular in the state of West Virginia. Contains pepperoni and sometimes cheese and sauce all baked inside of a bread roll.
defination of pepperoni roll - wikipedia.org/wiki/Pepperoni_Roll
by nateee December 26, 2006
someone who doesnt really like to skateboard but pretends to in order to look cool.
skhater: *does a 2" high ollie* wuzzzuppp ladyzzz..
by nateee December 26, 2006
the main cause for the demise and mass popularity of modern skateboarding. started a video game that caused a new wave of dumbasses, little kids or skhaters to start skateboarding making it the "cool" thing to do. also the founder of one of the shittiest skateboard companies ever, birdhouse, yet it is popular.
tony hawk loves teh cock.
by nateee December 26, 2006
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