11 definitions by nateabel

The opposite of Itah
A: Utah!
B: No, Itah!
by NateAbel May 08, 2005
NOT a term for weed, you stupid stoners. It means a really strong, bad smell.
His armpits were mad dank
by nateabel October 14, 2006
What you do when the pimp's in the crib, ma.
When the pimps in the crib ma, drop it like its hot, drop it like its hot
by NateAbel February 10, 2005
A really nerdy piece of art. Usually liked by confused poetic girls in their 20's. May contain polka-dots and ramdomly arranged colors.
Look at that pair of artsy fartsy reading glasses!

The thick pink ones with black polka-dots?

Yeah, those!
by NateAbel May 09, 2005

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