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a Dreamsome is a pure fantasy of yours. It includes a threesome or above (foursome, fivesome, sevensome, ect.) of hot people you would do. Pretty much it's something you would LOVE to happen although there is only a 0.0001 chance of it happening. hence the inclusion of the word -Dream.

Since these are not very likely to happen, you will probably think of these fantasies when you are masturbating.
Dude 1: fuck....if those girls were all drunk at a party and i was there.....man.....perfect Dreamsome right there!

Dude 2: haha true true

Dude 3: aaawwwww.......i need to go masturbate now....

Dude 1 and 2: me too :(
by nastypenguin October 06, 2009

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