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when someone talks on the phone while taking a poop.
Dude, the other day Marybeth called me while i was taking a dump. After about a five minute conversation, i let out a huge fart...she knew right away that she was in the middle of an intense tele-poop.
by nastydandude May 20, 2008
It's when someone doesn't wipe good enough, thus, leading to brown, shit stained butt cheeks.
After that mexican/margarita dinner last night i went home (slightly buzzed) and took a huge dump. Unfortunately, i woke up the next morning with brown cheeks. I was a little pissed, but i guess its better than crapping my pants.
by nastydandude May 20, 2008
When a girl gives a guy head and she doesn't have any teeth.
I took some slut home from bar the other night and we when we got back to her place she took out her chompers and started giving me a nasty grandma.
by nastydandude May 20, 2008

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