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Idiotic built-in thing on most new TVs for parents to facistly control what you can see on tv. Invented by lame overprotective soccer moms with too much time on their hands.
"Haha! I figured out how to unlock the V-Chip! I can watch MTV now!"
by nashville chik October 02, 2005
Another name for Nashville. Called this because Nashville is the center for glitz and glamour, stealing all the spotlight from dumpy Memphis, and a GREAT place to live.
"Where yall from?"
"Nashvegas, baby."
by nashville chik October 01, 2005
A SOUTHERN state. Not midestern, not northern, but SOUTHERN. And proud of it. Kentuckian's are the finest of their kind, and proud of it! Home of the greatest basketball team ever see Kentucky Wildcatsand KFC! God fearin' Bush-supporting good ole boys (and girls).
"WOW! You're from Kentucky? Sweet!"
"Sha, I know"
by nashville chik October 02, 2005
Best university in the continental United states of America, finest education available, and home to the best and winningest basketball team (soo much better than duke)on the face of the earth.
Nuclear Physicist: "Lets see, we have applicants from Harvard, Yale, and MIT. who do we pick?"

Other Nuclear Physicist: "Throw those away, we have one from the University of Kentucky!"

Nuclear Physicist: "Hired!"
by nashville chik October 02, 2005
Southern slang, shortned form of phrase "lord all mighty". used instead of saying "oh my gosh" or "oh jesus"
"lordamighty, whaddya do?"
"I tried to snowborad in one inch of snow."
by nashville chik October 04, 2005
Southern slang, sarcastic term used to mean, "no really?" also used in phrase "Naw dip, Sherlock!", or "Naw dip, really?"
"He just kicked a hole in my door! Do ya think he's mad?"
"Naw dip Sherlock!"
by nashville chik October 04, 2005

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