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1 definition by naperthrills

A semi-affluent high school in Chicago's West Suburbs. It is located in Naperville, a semi-wealthy suburb on the rise. Naperville is mostly composed of educated people who couldn't afford to live on Chicago's North Shore. Most of the students that attend this school are middle-class to upper-middle class suburbinites. They compete in the Upstate Eight Conference, a semi-competitive conference in Dupage County. The average students parents at this school make roughly $80,000 a year, which is definitely above average. The demographics of this school are 77% White, 11% Asian, 6% Black, 4% Hispanic, and 2% other. Overall this is an above average school, but is not considered to be in the Top Ten Elite High Schools of Chicagoland, although they like to think they are.
Person 1: Where do you go to school?
Person 2: Neuqua Valley, you?
Person 1: New Trier.
Person 2: Hah I'm richer than you!
Person 1: Get over yourself, Neuqua Valley isn't that rich.
by naperthrills June 27, 2006