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1. used to denote futility and or the low worth of an attempt
2. something which is worth all of one fuck, which is universally agreed to be less than two shits
Bobby was chatting up a girl at the pub but all of his effords did fuckall for getting him laid
by nando November 14, 2002
Pubic hair that extend down the inside of more than a few female's inner thigh
She shouldn't have wore that bikini, with out trimming the Bush Hog first!
by nando December 23, 2002
Acronym for "Cute Young Thing"
Oh golly. I'd love to help you with that broken watter main inside your building but I'd much rather go to the pub and find me a CYT to go home with.
by nando November 14, 2002
2005 American Leage Champions
Since the White Sox are the AMERICAN LEAGE CHAMPIONS, they get to go to the world series.
by Nando October 17, 2005
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