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a tangelo is the offspring of a tangerine and an orange. no one knows were the "lo" part came from, but it doesnt matter, because it is there. To recognize a tangelo, you usually find that there is a small rising on the top. it looks like an orange, without the rising.
Tangelo = when an orange and a tangerine have a baby

person 1: Hey man, wan't an orange?
person 2: nah brah, tangelos are whats up.
by nami04 February 22, 2011
Same as holy shit. But instead holy shitnugget or holy shitnuggets. or just shitnugget/s. Usually used when pissed off. Most people use it while playing a game and one loses.
Holy shitnugget i keep dying at this level.

or Holy shitnuggets i cant do this math work.
by nami04 July 08, 2010

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