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Interchangeable with Yank or Yankee, a euphemistic stereotype for Americans who spill forth verbal filth like a sewage plant.
Mate, I took that septic tank from the other day out for a surf. I was hoping the sharks would rip him to pieces but it looked as though they swam away in terror. It seems not even a Great White Pointer can swallow his bullshit.
by name different November 20, 2007
Ordinarily used by Yankees as an offensive term for Canadians, especially in reference to sports teams as make beliefs sounds a lot like the Maple Leafs of Toronto (a Canadian ice hockey club) and the Maple Leaf is the national symbol of Canada.
Yankee: The Make Beliefs shouldn't even be a part ofthe NHL. They're not even American.

Canadian: Quit trying to Yank my chain. You Septic Tanks just can't accept your repeated failed attempts at Global dominance.
by name different November 20, 2007

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