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Noun: a person,usually older than 18 but not always, who likes someone younger, usually younger than 18 but not always.

Verb: the act of creeping on someone younger

Not the same as a pedophile, in most cases their is a small age gap between the pedocreeper and the pedocreepee
Girl A: Isn't your sister 19 and her boyfriend 17?
Girl B: Yeah, she's such a pedocreep.

Boy A: Are you going home for spring break?
Boy B: Yeah, and the high school is the same as ours. I'm about to pedocreep hardcore.
by nainaisixtwosix March 15, 2010
Popularized from the rapper Gucci mane.

You basically, just yell out GUCCI in the same way Gucci Mane does in most of his songs.

Best used when acting douchey/being a douche, or after someone says oh damn.
Monica: I lost my phone.
Lisa: Oh, damn!
Brett: GUCCI

Mike after pushing someone down the stairs: GUCCI!
by nainaisixtwosix March 15, 2010
Inspired by the rapper Ludacris and his music video for How Low (in which he appears in girls mirrors), usually used after you do something random or douchey.
Janel, after running and hugging Jen: LUDA!
by nainaisixtwosix March 15, 2010

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