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the extra-curricular activity done at home, as opposed to school-work.
Homework sucks dick.
by n00b pwnage December 18, 2004
rather a distasteful action, planting one's ass in someone elses face, and rubbing it in, therefore leaving their face smeared in shit, and smelling like whatever you had eaten that day.
he backs his ass up in his face! stinkface!
by n00b pwnage February 23, 2005
Differently pronounced version of motherfucker. Can also be used in general speak as a normal word.
Gimme yo' car fo' i blast u muthafucka!
by n00b pwnage December 18, 2004
a large, powerful, fast firing/cheap weapon, such as awp in CS. People who use these are frequently the victims of tirades of shouts of 'noob!' and 'fucking auto-er! plz kick him!'. even thinking about using one means you have no skill in the game, and should crawl back up your ass. easily countered with a scout or knife from behind :P
argh dat fucking n00b cannonneer! he fuckin campin behind da box n shoot me in da head when i walk by!
by n00b pwnage February 24, 2005

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