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1 definition by myusernameishot

Another english stereotype. Similar to populars,abercrombies and similar behaviour to preps. Wealthy;almost exclusivly go to fee paying schools. They come in to basic types, female and male.
Female sloans can be identified by the following:
-Clothing from jackwills (the uk version of abercrombie), primark for some reason and abercrombie and fitch.
-purposly messed up hair usually fliped over onto one side of the head (they really do think this is cool)
-oversized handbags
-sometimes excessive use of dark eyemakeup
-hoodies, skinny jeans, mini skirts, leggings
-feel the need to find ways to make non-sloanes feel inferior to them due to thier extremely large egos
-seem to only aknowledge fellow sloanes as people worthy of their time and attention
-think highly of themselves and have huge egos
-chase after male sloanes
-sometimes speak in a fake american accent
Male sloanes
-style their hair (usualy so their manbangs go diagonally across their foreheads
-similarlily to females, wear clothing exclusivly from jack wills, abercrombie and other preppy brands.
-dress in skinny (or extremely baggy in a desperate attempt to be deemed cool) jeans
-have even larger egos than female sloanes
-date only female sloanes
-think they are amzing at all sports
-swear to make themselves seem cool and edgy

in conclusion, sloanes are self absorbed, extremely self concious ego-mainiacs who consider themselves the coolest, most popular people ever, though they are most definatly not.
Sloane 1 "Ohmygod, did you see that guy wearing jackwills?!Ohmygod he is sooooooooo fit"
Sloane 2 "I know but that girl he's talking to is like,soo not wearing any jackwills or abercrombie! she is so lame."

Sloane 1 "That guys haircut is sooo gay, like, what a loser"
Sloane 2 "What the fuck is he wearing, gap?"
by myusernameishot May 20, 2008
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