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a male or female tag-a-long that you put up with only because of the fact they will have sex with you
I have this slutalong that is super annoying but will have sex on a minutes notice.
by mythmker May 04, 2009
A behind the scenes social media guru who manipulates the web as effortlessly from a mobile device as he does from a desktop to provide content for your favorite social sites when you don't have the experience or time.
My business is way behind the curve and I can't twitter to save my life. I need to find a paramobile to handle this so i can devote my time elsewhere.
by mythmker November 16, 2009
(verb) Updating your various social networking sites through mobile devices.
I have so many sites to update that if I wasn't moblin I couldn't keep up.
by mythmker January 24, 2010
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