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Luke is a boy that you try hard not to fall in love with because they are so perfect; but in the end you can't help it. They have amazing features such as; gorgeous eyes, a sharp face,and beautifully colored hair that flows perfectly. He has a smile that makes your heart melt from the inside out. They are extremely strong and an amazingly talented athlete with rippling muscles. He has a truly kind heart that feels concern for people he doesn't even know and helps out anyone in need. Not only that, but Luke is extremely intelligent too. And if you are lucky enough to be friends with this man, well let me make this clear. If you are a girl, no matter how hard you try, you fall absolutely head over heels in love with him. You become absorbed in the beauty of his personality. If you are a boy, you are lucky enough to be bros with this guy who will always have your back no matter what the situation. If you are their significant other, you've hit the jack pot. Congratulations, treat them well. Luke is an amazing person that everyone must love.
Person 1: Who's the guy that's helping that girl pick up her books?

Person 2: Hah, thats Luke, no wonder. He's probably making sure she's alright and is offering to walk her to class just to be sure.

Person 1: What a great guy.

Person 2: Tell me about it.
by mystique121 June 01, 2012

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