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A scene chick/scene girl.
First of all they are awesome. The fun part about being scene is that you have great confidence in who you are and what you like. They pride themselves with looking perfect even when they arent leaving the house. The makeup is always done to perfection and not a hair out of place.

Hair is usually black with streaks of different colours, somtimes coontails. Hair consists of two main layers: the top layer wich is usually choppy and short (like jaw length) and the underneath layer that is longer and straight. ( three words: Teasing and Hairspray!)

Makeup: Lots of eyeliner (pencil eyeliner on the bottom, Liquid on the top). Sometimes bright eyeshaddow or black eyeshaddow. Foundation is sometimes put on the lips to make them look lighter.

Most scene girls have piercings, usually snakebites or a septum ring or gauges.

They wear tight skinnys, tight band ts, hoodies with bright colors, layering colorful tank-tops is common. Jewelry such as Hello Kitty necklaces.

They all have to have a myspace and facebook and bebo page.

Scene girls wont hesitate to tell you what they think of you, the good news about that is they will probly tell you youre pretty. They are not bitchy. Most are not as arrogant as people think. Most people just mistake having confidence in the way you look as being conceited.

by myspace/the_human_heartless February 26, 2009

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