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1 definition by mypseudonymisanonymous

Stereotype: easy, dumb, tan, hot blonde.

Reality: Well, that stereotype's mostly a Southern Cali girl...But there's actually a lot more diversity in California, not just white girls. In Northern California the girls are generally smarter, and not as tan, but still really hot. Everyone's friendly in California. They don't go to the beach every day, though. Although there are a fair share of blondes, I think the best thing about California girls is there's so much diversity, so there a lot of different girls to choose from. They're not all that easy to get, though.
Person 1: dude, look at that blonde slut! she looks like an wasy lay, must be a California girl !!

Person 2: okay, have you ever actually gone to California? there are way more dumb blondes in the midwest, why do you associate that whore with California?

Person 1: haven't you heard the katy perry song??

Person 2: ...
by mypseudonymisanonymous April 20, 2011
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