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In continuation with the definition given in (2), there are a further set of C++ developers who aspire to have such absolute dominion over their development that they actually rework the compiler they are using so that the syntax they write is compiled in the exact way they want. This group of elitists make those C++ programmers as detailed in definition (2) look like a pack of uneducated noobs. They, like those in (2) always insist that everyone must go through a horrifically painful set of years of digesting documentation to become Jedi's.

Jedi's have long forgotten what its like to be a novice programmer and are often arrogant pricks about anyone asking them questions on any level. Just don't ask them for help - Jedi's only talk shop with other Jedi's, and that includes Masters.
Situation of a Person A (jedi) talking to Person B (master)

Person B - 'I'm trying to accelarate this algorithm, however no matter what I do, I can't get this data values to split right so that I can run them in parallel'

Person A - 'Why don't you just modify the memory function associated with it?' (always asked as if its the most obvious thing in the world)

Person B - 'Wouldn't know where to start with that one - how do I go about it?, any pointers?'

Person A (In the most drained, how the fuck could you not understand this condescending tone) - 'I'll send you the documentation'

Note the documentation component, even if its a one line fix C++ masters and jedi's especially will 99% of the time point you to the documentation, which in general was written by Jedi's for Jedi's and is fucken useless for someone starting out.
by mypesudonym March 21, 2011

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