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3 definitions by myob_8

someone who is chinese and is cool, funny, sometimes weird, is nice around people and does not have naturally straight hair but really curly-ish hair.
Jia Yin! I love your name! It's the best you chinese person.
by myob_8 July 14, 2010
someone who does not look like you but is similar in some way such as personality, attitude and think alike sometimes. Also, twiniis are fun people who love ot smile and laugh and act weird anytime
''Twinii!! peace"
by myob_8 May 29, 2010
someone who is a really cool and awesome indian. Also, it is short for indian. It's the same calling a chinese person chinee but instead you call an indian person indee for short.
Aye, indee! How u goin?
by myob_8 July 14, 2010