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1. Mexican for an alcoholic drink, normally strong alcohol like tequila, mezcal or charanda.

2. Buzz

3. Used as an adjective for heavy drinkers.

See also "Pistear" (v. to drink alcohol)
"Me apendejo con pisto; p'andar bravo y listo" (I get wasted with alcohol; to be courageous and ready)

"Despues de unas caguamas nos chingamos un pisto-rrin" After some beers we drunk some buzz

"Ese guey andaba bien pisto" That dude was very drunk
by mynystry September 25, 2006
1.(Spanish) Literally meaning "Knee-head" it is used as a friendly nickname for bald ones

2. Another way to say "Pery" (see also Cabeza de nalga)
que paso cabeza de rodilla?
by mynystry September 25, 2006
1. (Spanish) Literally means "Butt-head" Used often as a friendly nickname for Bald people; Baldie

2. Synonim to Cabeza de rodilla (See also "Pery")
Quiubole ese cabeza de nalga? = What's up baldie?
by mynystry September 25, 2006

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