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anything associated with the "mini van" body and the bullshit ridiculously easy to drive vehicle, its so easy to drive because of the car chassis it sits on, the full power brakes, its surrounded by glass, its so easy to steer. Anything associated but not limited to Ford Windstar, Chrysler Town and Country, Plymoth Voyager, Chevrolet Uplander or Venture, Dodge Caravan, Mazda MPV, Toyota Sienna, Nissan Quest, and last and most definatly deserves to be least Kia Sedona because of its complimentary paper plate brake rotors, toilet paper roll drivetrain, twizzlers for spark plug wires, cheap supermarket send a kid to camp for $1 plastic bags for air bags, and coca cola can hull.
Yo look at that Soccer Mom Assault Vehicle (S.M.A.V.) im sure glad i dont drive one of those
by MYNAMEIST March 03, 2007
Quite possibly the most loaded bullshit holiday ever, who came up with this shit? no seriously who? if i wanna get my girl something i do when ever i want, not just on a "certian day in february" what is that shit. The winter sucks any way.
valentines day is just loaded bullshit, thanks.
by MYNAMEIST February 07, 2007
a racing car made by chevrolet, the definiton of chevrolet's greatness. will smoke your mustang cobra anyday. it beat the porsche 911gt3 in the quarter mile, so that just shows you not to fuck with chevy racing

yo the corvette z06 is just fuckin amazing
by MYNAMEIST February 07, 2007
a hilarious cartoon where charlie brown characters talk jive to each other and curse each other out its just fuckin awesome
yo i saw charlie brown kwanzaa and i laughted my ass off
by MYNAMEIST February 08, 2007
A very realiable compact SUV if you treat it right. The guy saying all that shit about it is just wrong, that is fucking bullshit man, he just probably doesn't know shit about taking care of a vehicle. chevy blazers kick ass. Whatever case is dismissed (throws mallet across the room while security guard wears star sunglasses). Partys are excused you may step out. Thank You.
my Chevrolet Blazer is just fucking awesome
by MYNAMEIST February 08, 2007
self explanitory, but if you want further explanation, its that girl who is nice to you on the outside but once you are "together" with her for about 3 weeks, she comes back to bite you in the ass and stab you in the back and totally turn out and walk out on you after a couple of years. hows that ? its fuckin bullshit if you ask me.

some girl i know, shes a stealth bitch because she was nice to me at first but then turned out to be a backstabber
by MYNAMEIST February 07, 2007
A girl who is all sweet and nice to you just for the month of february just for your money, she is only in it for the gain of dinner and jewlery. Once you drop off the jewlery she's gone just like that in the next couple of days. She will attempt to cover it up by sweet bullshit talking until she is finally gone.

also see stealth bitch,dinner whore,valentines day,love,hate
Guy 1: That girl is a valentine's whore because she used my friend just for his money, and then took off...

Guy 2: What a stealth bitch. Im sure her friends are stealth minion's as well, better stay away from those.
by MYNAMEIST February 07, 2007
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