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interj. Used as an exclamation of elation upon sallying forth (usu. when entering battle), or coming victory.

n. A shout of "aejibo." Excitement; fanfare.

v. ae·ji·boed, ae·ji·boes.

v. tr. To cheer, or incite to battle, by shouting "aejibo."

v. intr. To shout "aejibo."
Let's ride! Aejibo!
by mynameismonkey December 10, 2003
Sandwich favoured by Brooklyn geek culture. Usually contains three or more versions of pork with egg, e.g bacon, sausage, ham and egg.

The sandwich has the dubious distinction of being the first (only?) Open Source Sandwich. some refer to this as the "Open Sauce Sandwich".

some say the sandwich was inspired by the now infamous C!A polls that always offered a pork product as the final choice, regardless of the question, e.g. "was Kennedy assasinated by the C!A? (Choices) Yes, No, Bacon."
"man, I been coding for three days, I need me a Jazwich."
by mynameismonkey December 23, 2003
Follower of the Church of the Highly Improbable
As a Chian, my holy day begins at sundown on Wednesday.
by mynameismonkey December 10, 2003

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