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the complete utter feeling of finally being complete when you lock eyes with one person after meeting them for the first time. You would do absolutely anything just to hold their hand. Just to know them. Just to be together forever no matter what. Its real. I believe in it. Its happened to me. I think he is the most amazing male specimen i have ever seen even when he's wearing moccasins with a huge nasty thing on his cheek and he just got out of basketball practice, all sweaty and a mess. He grabs his keys, walks past me but looks up swiftly, then quickly turns his head because that electricity is too real. But he has a girlfreind. And we don't talk much. Love at first sight is not all its cracked up to be. Its painful when you both think the other wants to be with you but you're too scared to take a risk. But you know he's the best thing that can ever happen and then he's gone. Out the door. Another opportunity gone. And all that is left is that emptiness and gazillion thoughts that cloud the brain when that one miracle person isn't there to make you smile until you face hurts so bad. And then you need to scream or write out your feelings on some stupid internet site...... enough said.
Romeo and Juliet fell in love at first sight. They died loving each other. I wouldn't mind dying for him if we could just live in bliss for one day together...
by myheartstopseverytime March 01, 2008

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