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The new, accepted substitution for the word "Please". But, only when used in the plural sense. In the singular sense, it just means what it is. Also, if you are into being more cultural, you may use it in Spanish as "putas" instead of "por favor", or any other language of choice, as long as the plural sense is used. Also to use "bitch, bitches" to say "bitch, please" is not an acceptable use of "bitches". Bitches, remember that it is good practice to be polite.
"Can you please hand me the remote?" would then be "Can you bitches hand me the remote?"
by mydnytdeath June 19, 2006
When you wrap five fingers around someone's neck and don't let go until their head explodes...



... Then you grab your bags, wave good-bye to the other customers and exit the store in a calm but swift manner.
Customer #1: "What exactly just happened?"

Customer #2: "He just used his five finger discount."

Customer #1: "Oh... Okay. Shouldn't we like, call the cops or something?"
by mydnytdeath March 23, 2012

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