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3 definitions by mycrows

1. Investing all of your holdings at once, as in a single hand of poker.
2. Extremely tired, or at wit's end. (slightly archaic)
1. You went all in on a pair of nines?
2. I can't talk about this right now, I'm all in.
by mycrows March 08, 2010
7 6
1. To stutter one's speech in such a way as to inhibit comprehension.
2. To be evasive in speech or action.

Possibly derived from the Yiddish word "Fonfer," meaning mumbled, incoherent or accented speech.
1. "You really phumphered that joke. Why don't you tell it again?"
2. "Stop phumphering and get to the point."
by mycrows February 10, 2010
3 2
Known as the most affluent section of Chicago, Illinois, with a rich history and a diverse network of neighborhoods. General geographic boundaries are Lake Michigan on the east, the Loop on the south, the north branch of the Chicago River on the west and Evanston, Illinois on the north (though these are contested). Home to Wrigley Field, DePaul University and Lincoln Park. Undoubtedly among the most prosperous and vibrant urban areas of the United States.
1. "North Side yuppies don't generally venture south of Roosevelt Road."

2. "When I visit Chicago, I stay on the North Side."

3. "The red line is the best way to get around when you're partying on the North Side."
by mycrows March 17, 2011
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