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verb; adjective; noun

1. What you do when you are in a heavy drug-related intoxication. This may be you passing out, or carrying out extreme, wierd and funny behaviour.

2. The point after taking a pill when you take a hit.

3. An annoying light-weight.
1. "Ha, look at him talking to the microwave, he is fully smacking out"

2. "This is a great pill, I'm completely smacking out"

3. "Look at him, he's only had 2 pints and a joint, and his behaviour is causing me great annoyance. He is such a smack out."
by my-problem-box June 08, 2007

Basically used to describe something that is annoying, and is in turn making more problems in other areas of your life.

Something that causes more trouble than its actually worth.

Can also be used generally, as:
"My life is a problem box"

"this computer is broken, meaning I cannot complete my assignment, yet it is still lying in the middle of the floor, and has caused me too fall flat on my ugly face. what a f*****g problem box"
by my-problem-box June 08, 2007

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