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A small country in Central America. Known for it's tropical rainforests and beautiful beaches. It also has a rich economy and is politically stable. Defininately a must-visit.
You need to go to Costa Rica.
by my life be like July 24, 2009
An illegal unlicensed taxicab
Man, I was lost in the ghetto for like an hour. Luckily, a gypsy cab managed to drive me out.
by my life be like May 13, 2010
In Youtube, it's where you have to post a video telling 5 facts about yourself and then tag 5 more people.
I got tagged.
by my life be like April 06, 2010
Where people who are bored and video game addicts should go but they don't.
Bob: I'm sooooo bored....
Joe:Why not go outside?

Jimmy: Omg I'm pwning in Halo 3.
Jimmy's Mom: Time for you to go outside young man.
by my life be like July 03, 2009
A day where you have nothing going on and can do whatever you want.
I have a free day today. No school, no homework, no community service, nothing. I'ma just play my 360 all day.
by my life be like March 22, 2010
Beat 102.7 is a fictional radio station in the game Grand Theft Auto IV. It plays hip hop and rap music.
Beat 102.7. The home of hip hop in the home of hip hop: Liberty City.
by my life be like September 03, 2009
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