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knowing that you have to take a dump before you go somewhere like work so you try and nothin comes out then you show up at your destination and 10 minutes later you have to take a shit
i had to take a shit this morning before work but i had a insubordinate poop now im sitting on the shitter writing this
#toilet #poop #shitter #work #shit
by my fingers hurt August 19, 2009
a thirty pack of keystone's but you feel like dirt when drinking it
person 1: got me some dirty stones for 17.99
person 2: no way dude

person 1: ya...i hate my life
#keystone light #keystone #stone #dirty #white trash
by my fingers hurt July 22, 2009
acronym for " Boozin' Without My Bro's" when one attends a party with out there bro or wingman.
girl: hey where's your buddies at?
guy: im BWMB tonight
girl: what?
guy: boozin' without my bro's
#booze #bro #party #beezy #chill
by my fingers hurt July 23, 2009
that person who sits on urbandictionary.com waiting for the next celebrity to die or make up words that no one will ever know in hopes they'll land word of the day
I sit on urbandictionary all day and make up gay words therefore i am the doucher
#words #douche #urbandictionary #letters #sucks
by my fingers hurt July 28, 2009
a bummer is usually found at partys one who smokes cigarettes but doesnt ever bring a pack and continues to ask/bum cigarettes off others
bummer: hey you got a cigarette i can bum off you
person: not for you
bummer: hey how bout you do you have a cig?
person 2: no this is my last one
#bum #cigs #party #broke dick #dirt
by my fingers hurt September 12, 2009
he died
billy mays had a beard
#oxi clean #billy mays #kaboom #doucher #orange glo
by my fingers hurt June 28, 2009
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